2015 Queensland State Election Day Sausage Sizzle and Cake Stall Map - #SnagVotes!

SnagVote Tally Room

839 SnagVotes for Holsworthy Public School, HOLSWORTHY

792 SnagVotes for Kellyville Public School, KELLYVILLE

470 SnagVotes for Ascot Vale Primary School, ASCOT VALE

404 SnagVotes for Darlington Public School, DARLINGTON

383 SnagVotes for Neville Bonner Primary School, BONNER

355 SnagVotes for Brisbane Central State School, SPRING HILL

332 SnagVotes for Athelstone Primary School, ATHELSTONE

318 SnagVotes for North Kalgoorlie Primary School, LAMINGTON

317 SnagVotes for Mawson Primary School, MAWSON

313 SnagVotes for Lenah Valley Primary School, LENAH VALLEY

To cast your SnagVote, click on your polling place on the map and click I am SnagVoting here

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