Election Sausage Sizzle Fundraising Calculator and Checklist (Beta)

This is a guide only. If you have any suggestions to improve the calculator, please let me know.

Polling Place:
Description Quantity Price Total
Estimated Number of Voters    
Estimated Percentage Purchasing a Sausage in Bread: %    
Estimated number sold per person: sausages in bread    
Estimated sales of Sausages in Bread: $
Cost of Sausages: kgs $ per kg
Cost of Bread: loaves $ per loaf
Cost of Sauce (tomato, sweet chilli, BBQ, mustard...): bottles $ per bottle
Cost of Onions: kgs $ per kg
Other Costs: $
Estimated Amount Raised:    

Other costs include gas, ice, trays, tongs, serviettes, food handling certificate, disposable gloves, paper towels, cooking oil, aprons, knives